Eterna, creators of the much loved KonTiki watch, are running a consumer competition over the next two weeks. The idea is to show some of the iconic KonTiki timepieces and share information about their stories. During these two weeks, Etena will also run the KonTiki challenge. They will post the contest on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with a link back to the Eterna webpage.

Each day they will hide a KonTiki mask somewhere on the website, and the user will have to find it in order to participate in the competition.

There is a daily prize of a KonTiki gift box while the Grand Prize is a Super KonTiki watch.

The contest mechanics couldn’t be simpler:

1: Follow the link to the Eterna webpage

2: Find the mask

3: Register your personal information

4: Accept the general terms and conditions

5 : Have fun and be a winner!

Founded in 1856, Eterna is based in Grenchen in Switzerland. The brand has been the source of some notable innovations including the ball-bearing-mounted Eterna Matic rotor and the first wristwatch with an integrated alarm. Other milestones include the recently developed Eterna Spherodrive ball-bearing-mounted barrel, which has set new standards in terms for the quality and longevity of a mechanical movement.

The watches in the KonTiki line are a tribute to the courage of the noted archaeologist and ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl. The 32-year-old Norwegian and five other scientists set out from the Peruvian coast into the Pacific Ocean on a simple raft made of balsa wood named after Kon-Tiki, an Incan sun god.

Heyerdahl aimed to prove that it would have been technically possible for the pre-Columbian Indians of South America to reach Polynesia with the help of the Humboldt Current and the Passat wind. On their wrists the researchers wore specially made, extremely tough and reliable watches from Eterna’s workshops.

Visit the Eterna website