The good people at Panzera, based in Sydney, Australia, kindly let me be the first journalist to review a watch from their 'all new' Flieger 47 MECHANICA Collection for 2017. Not only that, they said I can give the watch away to a Watchuseek member after reviewing it. See below for details.

The new range has been in development for 3 years, undergoing design, manufacturing, testing and quality control with a view to creating the perfect PANZERA "Flieger" pilots watch.

Panzera have gone to some lengths to offer the best in terms of design, function, quality and affordability.

The Panzera Flieger 47 MECHANICA stays faithful to the original Baumuster A Flieger design, first developed in 1940. It was then that the German Reichsluftfahrtministerium (Imperial Air Ministry) created a specification for a Flieger watch ('Flieger' being German for 'Pilot') for pilots to use for timing and navigation during flights, also known as "Beobachtungsuhren" or "B-Uhren" (observation watches).

Two dial types were defined - Baumuster A and Baumuster B. The Baumuster A design, upon which the Panzera Flieger 47 MECHANICA is based, was produced from 1940 through to January 1941.

While we are giving away this new watch to one lucky reader, there are no prizes for guessing that the watch is 47mm in size. The new design features the word Flieger 47 in red script on the black Wulf dial at 9 o'clock. With an S-LEX ultra-hardened domed crystal, plus a day and date function, the new design also incorporates a striking red-tipped second hand with white stripes, symbolic of propeller blades used in aircraft from yesteryear while the case back is decorated to depict the blades of a jet turbine to reflect modern aircraft. The traditional onion crown is large and easy to grip, even with gloves on, (I tried it).

A robust timepiece, the Flieger 47 MECHANICA is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months to perform at the highest levels of accuracy, and despite the 47mm size, the wide NATO style strap makes it easy and comfortable to wear. The luminous hands and markers sing out in darkened conditions. If you can't read this watch you better go back to Pilot's school. Pictures show the crown screwed down and ready for adjusting.

The Flieger 47 MECHANICA Collection has also undergone extreme condition testing with the help of an Aerobatic Stunt Pilot by the name of Amir Zohgi, also known as 'The Red Baron'. A timepiece is a critical and compulsory piece of equipment to be worn by all pilots and must be accurate, easily readable, and withstand extreme pressures of up to 10 G-Force (or 10 times the force of gravity).

The range has been thoroughly tested in these extreme flying conditions without losing +1 or -1 seconds between pre-and post flight testing. The watch also comes with a new movement, a Miyota 820a non-hacking movement with a power reserve of over 40 hours. Unlike some movements which require considerably more encouragement, it starts ticking away the moment you correct the watch.

The Flieger 47 MECHANICA series from Panzera retails from a value for money US$515, and should certainly be worthy of consideration if you're on the hunt for an authentically styled Flieger.


One lucky Watchuseek member can win this watch by answering the following simple question:

What is the name of Panzera's Test Pilot for the Flieger 47 MECHNICA Series? First out of the hat wins. Answers please on the Facebook posting. You must be a Watchuseek member to be eligible and please make sure you are contactable by email.

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