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********WIS’ers In Blighty….UK********

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Morning all..

Was just thinking…I do it occasionally, it hurts but I keep trying.

Our Down under brothers have their own general thread, in which they discuss watch stuff in their part of the WUS World, which seems to be well used And updated.

How about we Brits, also a minority group on here, have our own one as well?

What do you think? All stuff UK related…..

I’ll start….

Recently bought a 30th Anniversary Frogman, which I am loving

Reflex camera Camera lens Digital camera Camera accessory Cameras & optics

Anyone else get one? I know @Simon was looking, @sticky was committed elsewhere (Lightweight that he is)

Also our esteemed @Bradjhomes popped up on a YouTube Q&A with Mike France about the new Fears jump hour watch…was kinda weird to hear someone I know, albeit virtually, on the big tube…

Over to you fellow this a bad idea or a good one, I will leave it for you to mull over.

All the best

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I think events are purposely secretive, so as not to attract the attention of uninvited guests. That said, I agree the website could be a little more informative.

I'm on the mailing lists for Red Bar London and Red Bar South East. Each one runs semi-regular events and once on the mailing list you'll be notified of dates, approximate locations and a teaser of the event. You can then reply to secure your place, and once secured you will get the full, detailed event information.

I'm not sure how I got on the lists in the first place though - possibly through their respective Instagram pages.
London is a bit of a push for me now as I moved up to Sunny Norfolk, but would be interested if there is a more local one👍🏻

Yes I heard your name dropped, and Mike seemed very impressed by your question 😉
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I'm all in Cliver
the Froggy is still on hold as we await dealer to come back with price on my birthday watch gift to myself ;)
Ahh I see, what’s your birthday watch then?
Sounds like a good idea Clive but I must say that you’re not doing much for my 2023 watch diet that I’m supposed to be on.
Watch diet…Nahh you’ll never stick(y) to that one…..See what I did there 😂
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Well that’s four of us in, so a semblance of a team…..we have a few more regulars, pass the word on boys 👍🏻
Longines seconds setting - huge & beautiful
just gotta agree the price :)
View attachment 17200394
Wow that is nice Si…don’t blame you on wanting that one for your birthday.
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I’ll join 👍
that frogman is very nice. Wouldn’t mind one myself as I’ve been out of gshocks for a couple of years. Was thinking of starting back with a rangeman.
Welcome brother….I’ve always fancied a frogman, but the prices used seem to be confused with telephone numbers, however I got wind of a re release for the 30th anniversary and snicked an order in before the inevitable sellout.
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I'm in. If only for proper spelling and simpler terminology.
Welcome James 👍🏻 Simple terminology sounds right up my street 😂
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I'm in!
Wouldn't mind being part of a general chit-chat thread - especially a local one!
Welcome…yes indeed, the Aussie thread is well populated 👍🏻

Also when you hear about events or deals in the UK a thread heads up works well.
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Hey! Didn't you organise a few Glasgow GtGs?
The couple I went were good fun
I’ve been to a few GTG’s in Glasgow but they were more Whiskey related 😉
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Nice thread, I'll join in!
Based in the Midlands and wanted to join Redbar also but the nearest is London and Oxford so may have to wait for a Birmingham chapter or something.
Anyway started 2023 off right and picked up a black Longines sector dial which I've been eyeing up for ages. Definitely didn't disappoint!
Got it on a Barton Bands Sailcloth strap right now. View attachment 17200455 View attachment 17200454

Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk

Nice Longines…they are really on form at the moment.
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TZUK is full of bell (& Ross) ends. The bear pit is seedy as you can get. It's multinational just like here only it's run by an old man who can barely moderate properly if at all.

I did indeed. A big part of it is thanks to WUS member joecool because he would spur me on the last couple of times we all got together.

Please let me know if you're going again. Quite like a whisky. Ever been to Pot Still?
Not yet..but open to recommendations by a local 👍🏻
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Yep count me in Clive some local chat wouldn’t go amiss 👍🏻👍🏻
Great to have you mate…it will work well I think, we have quite a few active Brits on here 👍🏻
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I grew up Glasgow so I know it pretty well. They have a great selection there. A wall of whisky so high they need a ladder to get to the top.
Best to start high and work down then I reckon….
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Last couple of years have been unusual for me in that I’ve actually bought watches. When k bought a 116610 in 2012, that was it for buying anything ‘proper’ fir nine years. Then in May21 I traded that for a 124060 and then in Jun22 I bought a Breitling Blackbird. For me, this has become highly unusual. I don’t know what to do this year…. I do fancy some other watches and am always on the lookout for what Omega releases/an excuse to sell the Rolex.

If we were to have a gathering, I’m in the East Mids and go to London semi regularly. I’d be up for it.
I retired 14 months ago so my watch buying pot has now been severely reduced, so all my last purchases have been Affordables.

But I have far too many anyway so I really should start losing a few 🙄
Count me in, although I'm more of a regular reader than anything else.
Based in Essex just outside the M25.

Here's my last purchase from December last year. It was a bit of a planned stretch for me, so this year I'm definitely meant to cut down on acquisitions. Which leads me to having a casual chat thread is better than anything.

View attachment 17200545
Welcome…another Plo Prof wearer, Simon is also a big fan 👍🏻
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Funny you say that because the top is where my favourites are... Edradour Ballechin. I live not too far from the Edradour distillery now so I'm going to pop over and get some once I've finished the one I've got.
Not heard of that one…I’m currently working my way through some Old Pulteney and some Balvenie 🤗
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I’ve recently discovered whiskies. After years of watching others… I’ve started trying a few and really been taken by the odd old fashioned after work.

To embrace a stereotype about people in my line of work (day job), I was a champagne man for many, many years.
My wife has always been a champagne lady, no matter what she was doing for work….

I have managed to talk her into Prosecco (£7 in ASDA) 😂
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what's ur tipple Clive?
My fave is Ardbeg Uigeadail
No need to swear…….

Im kinda liking Old Pulteney at the moment, although Jura Elixir was on the top three list 🤗
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Count me in too. No Frogmen for me though, anything bigger than a G-Shock Square on my girly wrist and I look a total plank.

Nothing purchased yet in 2023. Got an Anordain heading my way in early summer per the waiting list and keeping my powder dry on the off chance Goldsmiths deem me a worthy recipient of an Explorer 1 - four prices later of course ** tugs at forelock **.

Otherwise, a Fears Brunswick is increasingly tempting.

My vintage King and Grand Seiko collection has accidentally run into a second box so I really need to have a cul as well.

Based in darkest Brum on a diet of Balti and Sabbath. Not for everyone but it's home!
Welcome Nigel.

The Fears Brunswick is lovely 🥰 and if I wasn’t such a galoof would be on my wish list.
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