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I am looking for Women's watches for someone with a small wrist. My wrist circumference is about 5.25 inches. If I just lay a tape measurer horizontally on top of my wrist it's almost 2 inches from one end to the other. I have a hard time finding watches that fit me and I was hoping that I could get some recommendations and help at this forum.

I'm looking for something that is simple yet elegant and light in terms of weight. Probably under the dress category and I would prefer something with a white face (no diamonds) and if possible, gold case rim.

My budget is around $80-100 ($could stretch it to $200 if the I really like the watch)

Here are some example of what I prefer in terms of style Jacques Lemans Unisex N-210A Nostalgia Classic Analog Automatic Movement Watch: Jacques Lemans: Clothing

Daniel Wellington Damen-Armbanduhr Bristol Analog Quarz Leder 0511DW: Daniel Wellington: Uhren Bulova Women's 97L102 Strap White Dial Watch: Bulova: Clothing

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Chronograph 027/7800.00 |

Hope I can find a watch finally.

Thank in advance.

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5.25 inches is very small indeed, and although you say it is 2 inches across the top (approx 50mm) I would stay well away from anything with a lug to lug length of 46mm. Realistically I would suggest looking for watches around the 36mm diameter - unfortunately I'm not familiar with women's watches to make many suggestions.
Go for a stainless steel case. Gold-coloured coating tends to be thin and prone to wear, exposing the base metal. 5.25" is very slender. My guesstimate - 30mm-32mm would look right on you. (For ref, my wrist is 6", and my dress watches are 32-34mm, whereas my sports watches are 34-36mm.)

Seiko/Citizen make ladies' watches in suitable sizes, and Seiko Solar/Citizen Eco-Drive movements would save you a lot of trouble. Get on the 'Bay, and you'll see plenty of options within your budget.

Here's one with sapphire crystal, EW1560-57A. $120.
Seiko SXA097P1

or SXA099P1 (my wife's watch)

Case width 24mm (26mm with crown), lug width 14mm, lug-to-lug 30mm; 100 M water resistance, sapphire crystal. My wife is 4'11" with 6" wrists (very athletic): the size is perfect for her, and she loves it because it can really take a beating!

I think these are out of production, but Singapore and Hong Kong dealers on eBay sell them very cheap (under $100) as new old stock. You will probably want to replace the bracelet, which has solid links but no micro-adjustment holes in the buckle.

See what I mean? Maybe you'll get a good fit, maybe you won't. Very common in women's dress watches and I don't know why.

Hirsch Duke straps are available in all women's watch sizes and many colors. Try Milano Watchbands' eBay store. They sell on Amazon, but their eBay store is easier to search and you get free shipping with any purchase.
Something about the 33mm mark would probably suit you. Look at the Seiko ladies lines.
Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Though I should have mentioned in my post that I'm not too keen on watches with metal bracelets/clasps. I was hoping for leather straps or ones where I could change the metal band to leather/nato straps.

I'm not sure if this will be of any assistance but I've attached some pictures of my wrist. Please excuse the one with the quarter as I didn't have a watch handy to give a reference to size.

Green Turquoise Arm Hand Finger
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