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Watchuseek is proud and honored to be chosen by Van Ree Watches to bring you their WORLD PREMIERE:

Van Ree Watches launches the new DNA watch at the Jumping Indoor Maastricht horse event.

Van Ree Watches, a new Dutch watch brand, develops innovative, exclusive watches in very small editions. The watches are extremely personal, because of the elements from the bio technology that are added. A uniqiue collection of DNA watches is to be launched from November 18th through November 21st at Jumping Indoor Maastricht. Van Ree Watches (VRW) will be present with their own booth. On top of that Van Ree Watches will put one of the watches on auction on Friday night November 19th for charity. The highest bid will be handed over founder Babba Sylla of Orange Babies, an organisation that supports pregnant women with HIV in Africa.

THE watch brand of the 21st century
Haute horlogerie and bio technology are brought together in the Van Ree Watches collection. The DNA-collection makes it possible for the owner to add personal DNA (or DNA from their beloved) to the watch. Every other new model will do the very same: bringing people together. Van Ree Watches does not have a strong history, but instead
Van Ree focusses on the future by integrating elelments from the bio technology. All watches are designed by young and talented designers and produced in small quantities.

Fitting the vision and era an online marketing strategy is used to put Van Ree Watches on the map. The watch therefore will not be available at the traditional watch & jewelers shops. Future customers will be able to follow the brand and purchase their Van Ree watch through events and by making a personal appointment.

The organisation of Jumping Indoor Maastricht is honored to welcome Van Ree Watches in the exclusive prmenade called "Le Village".

The unique DNA watch will be put on auction in the main hall arena at 20.30 PM on Friday November 19th.

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Wow, what an amazing idea! I just wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Putting actual DNA into a watch seems so obvious.
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