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My neighbours on the next block over are having a bad day.
Perhaps the worst day of their lives:cry:😞
Atmosphere Sky Tree Pollution Fire

Large explosion shortly after this picture.
Fire Service seemed slow to respond.
Could see red lights blinking in a corner of the fire so I know somebody called 911.
Pumper trucks and the crane hose didn't arrive for more than half an hour.
I don't know circumstances so that's just an observation.
I have a bad cold, "cotton ears" and yet the tinnitus blares more "loudly" 🤷‍♂️ :sneaky:
I don't need a neighbour's home burn to remember how fortunate I am.
I'm wearing a couple domed crystal watches today. Staying home to not spread the virus but I might get some pictures with a possibility of sunshine later🌄😎
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I didn't realize the "beating" I subject my watches to until I saw what I did to my domed crystals.
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Avoiding the dings, scratches and occasional gouges when taking pictures is a challenge:p
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Two weeks in the Invicta crystal already has gouges.
This crystal has a very slight dome too.
"And so it goes..."
I truly hope your day is a good one:cool::)

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Staying in to recover from a cold.
Was treated to some James Garner today!
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He's still planning on getting to Australia :ROFLMAO:
No sunshine so I put away my Presage and my Marlin.
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I read that the character of Columbo was modelled on the Inspector in Crime and Punishment. Time to read it again😎
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Take good care of each other!
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