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Strap is SOLD. Many thanks to all who inquired. :)

Hello and happy holidays to all of my friends here,

My name is Jason and I am located in Colorado (USA). I have up for sale a 1 week old BOB genuine sharkskin strap and deployment (deployant). The strap is 22mm at the lugs and 18mm at the clasp. This is the Breitling style strap and deployment that allows for infinite adjustment throughout the day (as your wrist expands/contracts) for that perfect fit at all times. :)

The strap and clasp have been worn for exactly 1 week and are rated TZ "near mint". Sales Corner Guidelines: Supplemental Provisions and Definitions - TimeZone

Waccex sells these two items together for $64.08 (WACCEX) with free shipment from Germany. Shipment takes close to 3 weeks coming from Germany to the States. Here is your chance to get a great deal on these items without the wait time. :-! I had the strap on my Seiko 'PMMM' and thought it looked quite stunning and added a classier dimension to the watch. b-)

Trade for two used 22mm Maratac 3 ring Zulu's (any colors but black/grey preferred). Also have this listed for sale:

Please contact me either via PM or at my email. My email is jason 'dot' w 'dot' medina 'at' gmail 'dot' com. I'll reply faster to emails because I can check them from my phone. Thanks

Many thanks for looking and happy watch hunting,

Pic's taken today:

Even more pic's can be found in my online Photobucket account:

BOB 22mm to 18mm Sharkskin strap with deployment pictures by foolintherayn - Photobucket

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