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Hi guys! This is a bit of a unique situation, but maybe it's perfect for someone!

I have a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic and a Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT. Both watches are in excellent condition. I'll include a few pictures here, and I'll gladly send over some more detailed pictures if I work something out with someone, but first let's just talk and see if there's an arrangement that works.

As far as conditions for each, again I am happy to provide more pictures, but I'm in the business of making everyone happy, so my honest description is better than any picture.

Ocean 1 GMT: This is nearly brand new. I have a few little things like an extra bezel insert I'll throw in as well as well as all the accessories. Again, it's almost brand new, so everything is running just fine and case is mint. A few normal wear marks on the clasp, and I have an extra clasp I can throw in as well. Sized to fit my 6.5 inch wrist but I have all the links! I love this watch, but I'd give it up to go for something mid tier. Don't think I'd wanna give it up for something of equal value, though.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic: Great watch, I just don't have much of a place for a dress watch. Doesn't get too much wrist time, and it's in very good condition. Crystal is perfect, case has a few tiny little marks you can see in the right light (I'd never get them in a picture) but they're almost unnoticeable and could easily be polished out. I'd say like 90-95% conservatively. I really just never wear this so I definitely would like it to be included in some kind of trade deal.

As far as what I'm looking for, ideally I'd give up both watches (and depending on the watch, maybe some added cash) for a mid tier piece. The perfect deal for me would be both these for an Oris Aquis. However, I'm pretty open minded. Like I said, I don't think I want to give up the Steinhart for anything other than a mid range piece (my definition of mid range being somewhere around the $1000 mark) but I definitely am looking to give up the Hamilton. I'm totally open minded though; if you have an offer I want to hear it! I don't want to be too specific and miss out on something good :) feel free to PM me or ask questions, I don't bite!

A couple of pics:

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