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okay, i almost got a Ti kobold seal yesterday, but waited too long and it now i really want one :-d. i'd like to trade my Muhle Glashutte Rasmus for your kobold seal on a zulu/nato/head only/Ti/SS,etc! i'd of course add some cash, depending on the condition of the kobold. i'd really want a daily wear one if possible, 'cause that's how it'll be worn ;-)! my rasmus is in 88-90% condition and has been worn, not coddled. the flaws mainly are:
1. a prominent ding on the bezel by the "52" mark, which was present when the original owner (i'm the 4th owner i think) got it earlier this year.
2. some light scratches by the lugs, where the screwbars are.
3. some rubmarks/light scratches on the bracelet from me wearing it occasionally and the previous owners.
4. some light scratches/rubmarks on the caseback from the zulu's i mostly wear it on.
otherwise, the watch looks awesome (imho!!!), it's got great wrist presence, and is definately heavy. it runs at cosc time (+/- 1 sec/day while worn) as well. the crystal is flaweless and the lume rocks!!! the watch comes w/ the bracelet/extra links/boxes/papers. please pm me w/ any offers/comments/etc...also, i'll only trade w/ a reputable member of this forum w/ excellent ref's and in conus only! i'd also be willing to part with it for $1175. trade value is $1250. thank you for looking :-!!


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