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As in the title, I am looking to trade my vintage (late 60's early 70's) Wakmann-Breitling Triple Date Chronograph. The watch runs on a valjoux 730 movement, which is a triple date variation on the Valjoux 72 column wheel chronograph once found in the Rolex Daytona. The watch comes with the original bracelet as well as a nice black leather band.

As you can see in the photos, the silver starburst dial can appear anywhere from champagne or graphite colored to pure silver depending on the lighting. The hands as well appear black, but if the light catches it just right you can see they are very rich and dark blued steel. The subdials are angled on the edges, indented and very subtly textured. The watch really plays well in the light, and is a joy to look at.

The chronograph functions well with the second hand always resetting to zero. However the minute hand likes to jump to the one minute mark (as seen in the photos) and sometimes takes two or three resets to zero it. The watch (although I was told it was recently serviced) loses a little more than 1 minute per day by eyeballing it. I am not sure if this is acceptable for a recently serviced vintage watch, although I would assume not. It probably needs a little oil or possibly just some regulating.

The pushers all work flawlessly, and feel crisp (including the two minipushers on the left that are used to set the date and month).

All calendar features function well as they are expected to (in the Valjoix 730, the month is changed manually but everything else is automatic).

The movement is in absolutely immaculate condition, see attached photos for reference. Watch case is gold plated, which has worn off underneath the pushers but is well taken care of elsewhere. Overall the watch is quite a nice, affordable piece of vintage horology.

I paid ~$1200, but I recognize the vintage market can be a bit finnicky, so I would be open to any trade offers.


Edit:: Here is a link to an advertisement/owners manual for the watch (which I do not have) that, based on the photo, indictates that the bracelet included is in fact original.


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