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Hi there fellow watch seekers and collectors.
1.)A little bit of story about how I got to buy these watches (skip to 2 if not interested).

First of I do not consider myself as a watch collector but might turn into one in the future. b-)
My start was easy , started with a cheap automatic watch (made in China from Tao International).
Few years passed , and I knew that isn't something I want to wear for years , was 70$ with a seagull ST25 movement that kept time well, but the casing and production quality was very low, soon the mineral got scratched and it turned useless. :roll:

So this time I started to look somewhere else. Still knew I want an automatic watch (don't like batteries that much :-d).
But this time the budget was higher and was looking at Swiss Made watches.

Of course my budget is still limited and really can't compete with the watches most of you got here (over 1000 Euro). :-(

So wanted something in the 500 Euro budget range, not more. There is plenty of Seiko's ,Orient's ,Citizens and some Tag's ....
But I have always felt I want to be original.

So went on a search (took me weeks) and found this watch brand Xen. The model I liked was the XM0004, which was well within my budget ,checked the watch on some German forum and found a review.
Wasn't very convinced but I had a good overall feeling about it. Made a search on WatchuSeek and haven't found a review here so after I got my watch I decided to make one.

This review contains 2 models from the „automatic mechanical“ XEN series.

2.) Review of the Xen Encore aka XM0004


Movement :

It is a DUBOIS DEPRAZ kaliber 14072 which has a ETA 2892-A2 base.
21 jewels.
I have the watch for 2 weeks and keeps very accurate time.
Haven’t meassured the seconds , but in two weeks shows the exact same time as my smartphone (which I intialy set up the time from).
When you pull out the crown the watch stops and you can set up the time.

Case :

48 mm case with crown (44mm without crown), 12mm thick.
Saphire crystal (coated) both on face and back case.
XEN is producing jewellry for 15 years now so they know the importance of quality production.
Their focus is stainless steel jewellry so the case is perfect. There are zero marks of production, everything fits in perfectly and the polish is high quality.
No complaints either.

Design :

As you can see the design is not a copy cat. The watches were designed by the late Hans Gabriel Schroll who sadly died after he designed these watches.
XEN is not producing automatic watches anymore as this was a special „mechanical“ series designed by the above mentioned watchmaker.
He was also highly regarded for his own series „Watch People“ ,where some of the inspiration came from.
I think the watch has a beutiful design but its a question of taste.
This watch is designated as a „dress watch“ so there is no lume on the hands or dial.
There is nothing else just time here.

Strap :

The strap is very solid. Have seen many watches with quality lether before and I think this one is very nicely done.
The stiching is nice and the whole strap is very nice to touch.
d9Qzz4o.jpg 90VxQBg.jpg

Overall impressions :

The materials used show up in the end weight of the watch.
While not overly heavy but has a nice weight to it.
It is a big watch but I am fine with that since I like big watches.
I am very happy with my purchase and still think that watches with this type of movement go for much more than what I bought mine for.

3.) Review of the Xen Entry aka XM0003


Movement :

The famous AS 2063 (A. Schild), 17 jewels (5 in the balance, two in the pallet, the remaining ten in the four wheel and pallet pivots).


Automatic with 45h power reserve
Quickset date with "instantaneous" date change
11.5 ligne (25.6 mm), height 5.2 mm
Was available in 17, 21, or 25 jewel versions
Incabloc shock protection
21,600 BPH
Production 1969-1978

I just received this watch few days ago so I cannot say anything about time keeping accuracy but as far I know these keep accurate time well.
When you pull out the crown you can set the date, pull out more and you can set up the time (the watch still goes on).

Case :

Exatly the same specs the the XM0004 since these watches used the same case design across the series.
olHxLYZ.jpg OyZVQSQ.jpg

Design :

Here I can skip the part for the casing since i tis exactly the same. This watch is a simple one but still very nicely crafted. Has Superluminova electro-luminescent numerals, indications and skeletonized hands. It also sports a date display ,which can come handy.

Strap :

This one came with 2 straps as I bought the watch second hand (in mint condition). The brown one (buffalo leather) is not the one the watch comes with but it is really nice. A bit rough but still very nice quality finish. The other strap is the one the watch somes with and it’s exactly the same as on the XM0004 except that the Xen (X) logo is black.
MeSwbm6.jpg 0b7Lj5y.jpg

Overall impressions :

This watch has probably much wider use since it has lume on dial and hands as a bonus there is a date display. I am very impressed with the quality of production on this one too. Very nice finish as you can see on pictures. As for time keeping can’t say much since this watch is going to be a gift (pssssst) and I am not going to wear it.

Summary :

To sum it up, I am very happy with these watches as they seem to sport high quality movements with high quality production for a bargain price.
Both watches have sapphire glasses on front and back. Both are 10ATM water resistant , although I haven't tried to swim in them and will be not doing so :p .
Love the design on them and the nice little touches here and there. Hope you guys enjoyed this little review and please bare with me , haven't posted any review in a long time so I feel a bit rusty :rodekaart.
I am also sorry for bad quality pics since I do not have a quality cam atm.

rHJ7GUn.jpg UUQIqb6.jpg UCG9bgd.jpg i33Djpv.jpg PvhJwj3.jpg

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Never seen one of these models before. It certainly has it's own styling cues when it comes to the dial.

Nice, very detailed review, with good pictures as well.

Thanks for posting.

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Never seen one of these models before. It certainly has it's own styling cues when it comes to the dial.

Nice, very detailed review, with good pictures as well.

Thanks for posting.
Thank you very much , haven't done any review in a long time.
Added some info about movement that I found on the internet (for the entry).

I wonder why people missing on these watches, imho they are quite a bargain.
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