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I am the new owner of the iconic Noha Fuller Tsunami serial: 024/100

Does Jake stock any spare parts? such as : Dommed sapphire crystal, bezel insert.

Also, do the screws in the links remove from either side since they are both slotted on either side. :think:


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Hey there, SP...great watch! I had Jake mod a 6309 for me a while back (since sold it) and I had a Tsunami bracelet on it. My memory is that the links themselves weren't threaded. Rather, the pins holding it together have two parts, basically a nut and bolt arrangement. There's a long pin, and a short piece that it threads into. You'll need two jewelers screwdrivers to remove and replace the pins.

As far as spare parts go, I believe that any part that will fit a 6309 -704X is interchangable with a Tsumami. So there should be plenty of crystals to be had, but couldn't tell you about the Tsunami-specific bezel inserts. I can't find the Tsunami website anymore, so Jake may have taken that down. I'd just shoot him a quick email with your questions; he's always quick to respond, taking the time difference into consideration.

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Congrats on a fine choice!

The Tsunami was designed with modding in mind and as such has many interchangeable parts.
If Jake doesn't see this post and reply; just e-mail or PM him and I'm sure he will have a lot more choices than you can imagine :)

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Congrats, I was so tempted to pick that one up. Its all relumed by Jake, which is killer.
I thought about having Jake relume mine, but he's too busy these days.

Does your Tsunami not have a domed sapphire on it?
I've always only seen domed sapphire or the tinted coffee tone.

I'm not sure about xtals, I think they are different sizes as is the bezels. The bezels don't fit from Tsunami & 6309. They are different underneath.
Bezels inserts do swap as its same size.

All parts are available from Jake, he's got xtals, bezels, inserts , etc...
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