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Hello all,

i would've hoped my first thread would be under better circumstances but my new-to-me omega broad arrow 3551.50 has just stopped working!

I purchased it off a fellow forum member a few weeks ago knowing full well that there were issues with 3303 movement in general. Based on the listing I was certain that this would not be affected as the warranty card is dated at 2011. I figured that it would have been a later production watch with any initial issues rectified.

I had been hunting for this watch for over a year and passed up some good opportunities. After reading enough threads I was rather confident that all the issues had been ironed out. As such, I felt that it would be appropriate to create yet another thread showing that these problems may still be out there.

I am no expert and this may very well be some fluke but does anyone know what the word is on Omega's stand on out-of-warranty claims for this movement? Does anyone have a detailed explanation of what was actually happening to the majority of the ones that were sent in for warranty claims?i do know that Omega have acknowledged the issue but do the service centres operate separately?

I will be bringing it to a service centre tomorrow but would like some advice as I did not budget for a service after just spending a small fortune on this guy.
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