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Hey Cats,
Did it again..... found another choice piece at the thrift store. A very cool Seiko dot matrix digital lcd watch :-! Why do I consider it choice?? Well it's the very first ever data storage memory watch.
After Seiko slaughtered the LED digital watch era when they first released the LCD watch in the late 70's they then became the first to create a viable data storge watch. The scrolling message that this watch displays telling you all about the memory feature is a hoot to play with and it got a few "hey that's neat comments from the Cats I showed it too.
Unfortunately though there is a crack at the top right corner of the lense, however I can get it replaced for $60 which I haven't decided to do yet because from experience sometimes these digitals that although work when revived with a battery they will sometimes die after a couple months for good so I'm going to wait thsi one out before I decide if I should replace the lense. Well enough of my blabber here's a pic :-!

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