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You never know who's looking!

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There I was last Monday night, sitting in the airport in Seattle, waiting for a connecting flight & minding my own business when a very nice young couple sat down beside me. The gentleman fired up his notebook computer & began to look at pictures of his G-Shock. It kind of struck me as odd, but what was even better was that his wife wasn't rolling her eyes saying "Yes Dear" every time he asked her opinion about a shot - she actually seemed interested as well! I politely asked "You're not a WIS by chance, are you?" to which he proudly replied "Why yes I am!". A true joy to have met WhtShadow & his lovely wife & have a short discussion before our flight left. So beware, you never know who's watching. What a great community we have here, to not only discuss watches but to meet each other. Great to have met you Dave & I look forward to meeting others in my travels. :-!
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Wow what a coincidence. That's a really wild story. So which watches were you both wearing? I'm guessing he was wearing his MTG? :-! Were you wearing the Raysman? :-s
nope, he was wearing his GWM5600. and im sure of it.

its faith brought u guys together. and sounds like he has a very cool wife.:-!

i suggest whenever we go traveling, we should wear a WIS/WUS sign. like a badge or t-shirt or something or a walking billboard.
Forgive my ignorence, but WIS? Isn't it WUS?

I've met some people on pure chance from some other forums before. Usually you recognize them from a picture they post. It really is a small world afterall.
Watch Idiot Savant

  • self trained to sleep in 5 positions with wearing his/her COSC certified chronometer in bed.
  • opens the back of a new Patek on the first day of acquisition and hand winds the rotor in tighten up the main spring.
  • takes the 200 meter water proof Seadweller off from the wrist and puts it into the deepest pocket before walking into a storm without any rain gear.
  • waits every 60 minute in front of a radio controlled clock all weekend in order to adjust all his/her 14 mechanical watches to the accuracy within -2/+2 seconds per 24 hours.
  • spends $500 plus on polish equipment and materials and works 20 hours in order to refinish a $200 worth SS bracelet.
  • has a annual budget of $500 on the purchase of a new watch and posts the question on the Timezone forum "which one is better? a Rolex or a TAG?"
  • wears a triple date chronograph with moon phase everyday, but cannot even tell time from the basic hour and minute hands on the dial without a pair of reading glasses.
  • memorizes all serial numbers of the Rolex watches made in the past 60 years but keeps forgetting the wedding anniversary.
  • A WIS is someone who bases his vacation destination on the water resistance rating of his watch.
  • A WIS is one who can tell you the start up date of most Swiss watch companies but cannot remember his anniversary or his kids birthdays.
  • Can tell you the name, address and phone number of all the high-end watch stores in his home town, but cannot remember the same info re. a relatives residence.
  • Remembers to wind all his watches, but forgets to take out the garbage on garbage pick-up day.
  • Can recall every watch purchase and what he was doing at that time but cannot remember the dinner party he and his significant other are invited to that weekend.
  • Wakes up in the emergency room and asks the nurse if his watch was scratched.
  • Takes off his watch before sex.
  • Knows the two-letter Internet country code for Switzerland.
  • Gets his watches serviced more often than he gets his cars serviced.
  • Thinks that Ferraris are made by Girard-Perregaux and wonders why Porsches are made by so many different companies.
  • Knows how to set every chronograph ever made but has no idea how to make his VCR display anything besides 12:00.
  • Owns more watches than the guy selling fake Rolexes on 42nd Street.
  • Thinks that Gilbert and Schugart wrote "HMS Pinafore".
  • Actually looks forward to having strangers ask him for the time.
  • Buys a Tag-Heuer so his 3-year-old can learn to tell time.
  • Owns $15K worth of watches and wakes up to a $15 Sony digital alarm clock.

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Actually, mansrow, I think you are close. :think:

However, I did not have the GW-M5600 at that point. :-( It was patiently waiting for me, safely boxed up, at the local post office. :-! So it probably was my GW-5600J. It goes through the metal detectors without problems. b-)

By the way, what made you think it was the GWM?:think:
because Snowback mentioned it on his first post :-!
and also this post click click
i gotta go start hanging out in the airport !!!!!
maybe ill meet a WIS or a g-shock forumer.
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