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You never know who's looking!

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There I was last Monday night, sitting in the airport in Seattle, waiting for a connecting flight & minding my own business when a very nice young couple sat down beside me. The gentleman fired up his notebook computer & began to look at pictures of his G-Shock. It kind of struck me as odd, but what was even better was that his wife wasn't rolling her eyes saying "Yes Dear" every time he asked her opinion about a shot - she actually seemed interested as well! I politely asked "You're not a WIS by chance, are you?" to which he proudly replied "Why yes I am!". A true joy to have met WhtShadow & his lovely wife & have a short discussion before our flight left. So beware, you never know who's watching. What a great community we have here, to not only discuss watches but to meet each other. Great to have met you Dave & I look forward to meeting others in my travels. :-!
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*phew* Not there yet! ;-)
Yeah, but we are getting closer.....
nope, he was wearing his GWM5600. and im sure of it.
Actually, mansrow, I think you are close. :think:

However, I did not have the GW-M5600 at that point. :-( It was patiently waiting for me, safely boxed up, at the local post office. :-! So it probably was my GW-5600J. It goes through the metal detectors without problems. b-)

By the way, what made you think it was the GWM?:think:
Wow! What an amazing encounter, Snowback and Shadow. Man, surely you got pics, right? :-!
Doh! No pics. Didn't even think of it.:-(

Ah, but we have memories! :-d
And we'll always have Seattle ... (or actually, Pasco & the Tri-City airport - look that one up in Goggle earth!) :-d
Yep. Seattle where we first met. ;-) Pasco where we parted ways...:-x

What ever happened to "What happens in the airport stays in the airport."? :think:
And just goes to show... Always need to fire up the laptop and show off pictures of watches!

Later today I'll try to post some pictures of what we were looking at.
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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