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You never know who's looking!

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There I was last Monday night, sitting in the airport in Seattle, waiting for a connecting flight & minding my own business when a very nice young couple sat down beside me. The gentleman fired up his notebook computer & began to look at pictures of his G-Shock. It kind of struck me as odd, but what was even better was that his wife wasn't rolling her eyes saying "Yes Dear" every time he asked her opinion about a shot - she actually seemed interested as well! I politely asked "You're not a WIS by chance, are you?" to which he proudly replied "Why yes I am!". A true joy to have met WhtShadow & his lovely wife & have a short discussion before our flight left. So beware, you never know who's watching. What a great community we have here, to not only discuss watches but to meet each other. Great to have met you Dave & I look forward to meeting others in my travels. :-!
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No, until I get the Raysman repaired (broken case back screw) it will be a sun collector. I was wearing (heresy, I know) my SAR & took my new PAW 1500 along; I really don't recall what Dave had on as his computer pictures were so great.
And we'll always have Seattle ... (or actually, Pasco & the Tri-City airport - look that one up in Goggle earth!) :-d
I actually bought a refrigerator magnet for my wife from the area that says" Washington ... What happens here, stays here. But nothing ever really happens here!"
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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