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Let me introduce you to my new sweetheart.

First the specs:
Zeppelin 7364-3 Series Flatline
  • Features: Small Second
  • Model Series: Zeppelin Flatline
  • Color: Blue
  • Special Features: Open Heart, Crystal Case Back
  • Water Density: 5 atm

  • Glass: Mineral Glass
  • Chassis Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Color: Silver
Size and Weight

  • Weight: 68 g
  • Case Diameter: 40 mm
  • Case Height: 12 mm

  • Movement Type: Automatic
  • Movement Caliber: Citizen/Miyota 82S5
  • Jewels: 21
  • Vibrations: 21600 h
  • Max. Power Reserve: 40 h
  • Winding Direction: Bidirectional

  • Clock Face: Blue

  • Lug Size: 20 mm
  • Wristband Color: Dark blue (actually it's more black than blue, but I've already ordered a true blue strap with a butterfly clip)
Originally I had the hots for an Ingersoll Belle Star, because I loved the open heart mechanics, the look, and the blue face, but as I dug myself deeper into the matter, the more caveats popped up: cheap Seagull mechanics, mushroom/zombie brand, and WAY more expensive, -even on sale-, as it should be. So I've started to look into the alternatives in a similar price range, and this beauty popped up in the radar.
Furthermore, had a last one on a -15% sale, so I pulled the trigger, and bought it. For €224, it was a steal.
From Paris, France to Budapest, Hungary, delivery took ONE DAY, which is a new record, even for DHL.
I took a quick unboxing video (
) , not really for the presentation value of it, more like as proof out of paranoia, if something were missing, or damaged. The box is covered in grey linen, with a paper-like silver strap; beautiful, but looks fragile, so it's a good idea to put it back in the black paper cover when not in use to keep it safe. Inside you find a small user manual on winding, that contains instructions for ALL of Zeppelin's movements, not just this one, and a beautiful facsimile Zeppelin airline ticket that serves as a certificate of guarantee.
Fun fact, that I didn't know at the time of purchase: these watches are uniquely numbered. :)

As I unpacked it, the true beauty of the watch hit me. This baby was perfect in size, elegant without being too flashy, slim, and with a 40mm case width, it was the perfect size. The watch is surprisingly light (after wearing a Vostok Amfibija on a thick pilot's strap for years, I can hardly tell if this is on me or not), and has a very lightly moving rotor, so even the smallest movement sends it spinning. When your hand bumps into something, it gives off a slightly "wiggling" sound, as if something were loose inside, but that's just the rotor, and you get used to it quickly. The case is stainless steel, the crown is unmarked, and very simple in design. The glass is -sadly- mineral, and has a slight arch, so it's not too portruding, but you should probably avoid bumping it into anything sharp or hard. Now even thought it's powered by a japanese movement, this watch is as German as anything mechanical could get: it's baseline, simple, and does exactly what it was designed for: tell you the time. It has literally zero quirks on top of that: no date display, no illuminated hands, nothing. The only two complications are the open heart, and the second dial, which is -again- just a part of telling you the time.
As for keeping said time, I've found that my timepiece tends to be a little fast, and adds a minute daily, but that can quickly be compensated by adjusting the regulator. As you wear it, it doesn't exude an imperssive or flashy wrist presence, but exactly because of that, it can be worn as an all-rounder: it looks perfect with a suit-and-tie setup, as well as some jeans, or loose linen pants on a scorching summer day.

To sum it up: this watch is a perfect chameleon for a daily driver. It doesn't scream "LOOK I'M WEARING A RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE GIANT TIMEPIECE", but if you meet another watch guy, you'll surely get a nod of approval for the elegantly baseline beauty of it. And that open heart will always make you smile on every time check.

Here are some pics:

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Thank you, but since then I went and changed the strap to a blue one.
The original strap was way too flat, and rigid for me, so it seemed that it will break in a month or so (it's also better to keep it in its original shape, if I ever decide to sell, or give away the watch, which seems rather unlikely at this point.) I went and ordered a chinese made cowhide strap made by the company Fullmosa (https://......./wPACS2) and I have to say, that even though this strap only cost me $12.70, it's on par, or even better than the original it came bundled with. It's real leather, soft, has a bolt operated lug, that's ridiculously easy to operate, and they even sent me a lug removal tool for this price.
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