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zer0/24 ? Swiss Made stylish 24h quartz watch

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zer0/24 - Swiss Made stylish 24h quartz watch


Name: zer0/24
Model Reference: ?
Movement: Ronda 751.24, Swiss Made, 4 jewels, battery type 379
Time display: 24 hour, minute
Date: no
Case: stainless steel with snap back
Size: 33 mm diameter, with crown 35 mm
Height: 10 mm
Face: white
Text on dial: zer0/24, Quartz, Swiss Made
Text on back: stainless steel back, zer0/24, Swiss Made, 3 atm water resistance
Hands and markers: simple black hour and minute hands, no minute markers, nothing lumed
Water-resistance: 30m (3 ATM)
Crown: standard
Crystal: domed acrylic
Lug: 18 mm
Bracelet: leather strap with buckle


I knew about the existence of this watch from, excellent site by Andre Stikkers. I bought it last November from eBay. I think I was the only bidder, because the starting price was not low - €40. And I wasn't sure that it was smart from my side to spend so much for this small used quartz watch.

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This picture is from


The watch came in a bad shape. It wasn't coming from the drawer. From the positive side, heavy usage shows, that this watch is really wearable and useful.

Especially the leather strap needed cleaning. But as it was obviously the original strap, I did it pleasantly.

I hate snap backs. I'm an old grumpy man and my eyesight and hands are not good enough for precision surgery. And with some snap backs it is, I don't know why, that to open it is difficult, to press it back is even more difficult. So it was with zer0/24 too. Stupid name, btw. I don't like these plays with capital and lowercase letters, and numbers. (Grumpy…)

After opening the case I learned something on quartz movements. First question - which type of movement is inside? With Ronda movements it's easy to determine, but you have to have magnifier. Every Ronda movement has his type number pressed (very tiny), plus additionally how many jewels it has (usually 1 or 4) and is it made in Switzerland or somewhere else using Swiss parts. On this picture red arrow is pointing to the Ronda's common place for model numbers.

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OK, in this case it is Ronda 751.24. The Ronda database record shows, that this movement comes in two versions:

  • Swiss Made / 4 jewels / gold plated
  • Swiss Parts / 1 jewel / nickel plated.
Good - we have Swiss Made movement inside. Ahem, maybe the price wasn't too high?

The next question was - is the movement working? When you don't have seconds hand, it is not so easy to say. I didn't knew, that two hand quartz movements are ticking only once in 10 seconds. These watches are silent. Only time-to-time you hear a barely audible tick.

Everything was OK and I changed the battery, to be sure. BTW, with this extra low consumption movement the expected battery life is 7 years!

The case is more or less OK, with some usage marks, and the caseback too. Inside caseback is pressed "Hong Kong Case". Aha, not everything is Swiss Made! The crown, for sure not from stainless steel, is in worst condition. Operating with crown and stem is the weakest point with this watch. It is difficult to pull out the crown, and again, it is even more difficult to push it all the way back.

The dial is very easy to read. There are no minute markers at all, and the hour numbers are small, but I like this dial. It has style. And this common style ties dial, case, strap and buckle into one unity.

On missing minute markers - if you don't have seconds hand, then it's not a problem.


I'm not complaining anymore, that the price was too high. I got small, nice, stylish Swiss Made 24h quartz watch, with next battery change after 7 years. And as an extra bonus - I learned something about quartz movements.

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Re: zer0/24 - Swiss Made stylish 24h quartz watch

The watch itself reminds me of those .. hummel? (if that's the correct brand) 24 hours watches I see some on ebay, although I think those are bigger (and overpriced last time I checked).
Yes, they are similar. But there is one difference. Hummel, and most of the 24h quartz watches are 3-hand watches. zer0/24 is a 2-hand watch. When you think about one-, two- and three-hand watches, they are of different nature. Yes, the difference between 2 and 3 is not so big as with one-hand watch, but the nature is still a little bit different. Three hand watches are living, you see the second hand is constantly moving. Two hand watch seems to be sleeping (one hand watch is almost frozen). And the dials can be different. That's why I wrote, that with 2-hand watch you don't need so much the minute (second?) markers.

2-hand watches are rare. And 2-hand movements are rare.
Re: zer0/24 - Swiss Made stylish 24h quartz watch

This was my weekly post number 3 (AWW 3). As all the attachments corrupted in WUS and there is no possibility to edit older posts I decided to repost the missing pictures.

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