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Zulu straps how secure are they

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Ive been thinking about doing some mods to a watch or two and was curious how secure are Zulu straps. They dont look to secure at all and Id rather not lose a nice watch if I can help it. Growing up with Casio watch bands I know my watch isnt going anyplace soon.
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I'd say safer than a resin band, and at least as safe as a casio velcro band.

Originally I thought they were supposed to be fastened using the same pattern as you'd use on a motorbike helmet (if you've ever used a motorbike helmet, you'd know what I mean). That would make them extremely secure. However, it looks like you're just supposed to fold the excess strap back under both loops. It's still very secure.
Having said all that, I have decided I don't like velcro or zulu straps on G-shocks. They're great on my Seiko diver, but when you have to use strap adaptors instead of just having it threaded through the springbars, it just doesn't really work for me. I think the strap adaptors are too wide for my wrist, or something - even the factory ones.
Never truer words; if you get a one piece Zulu strap trapped in machinery or snagged on something in the field, you best have a sharp knife at hand fast.

The watch head may detach, just remember the strap is firmly fastened to you!!! I always wore resin bands for this very reason, as they will always fail at the springbar first.

If you want the look, get a two piece Zulu, you can always buy or be issued a new watch.

Funny you mention that - I was actually thinking about this the other day. The force required to snap a zulu would be something huge, like trying to break a seatbelt.
On the other side of the argument, you probably shouldn't be wearing anything (jewellery, watches, long hair, bracelets, anything) if you're using a hazardous piece of machinery. Whenever I've used a table saw in the past, I took my watch off, even my thin W-71, with a plastic strap.
I hear ya TTT. I'm always cognizant of stuff like that b/c I work around fans, pumps, chain falls etc.
I was talking bout tactical G.I. Joe stuff. Ya know, jumpin' out of helicopters & chasing bad guys & stuff.

Haha, I'm sure a lot of us here on WUS do that every day :-d
If you were in that kind of situation, you'd probably have a big, nasty knife strapped to your person, which you could use to cut yourself free, anyway :)
All I can say is that it is likely I still have my right hand, only because I was wearing a watch, with a stainless steel bracelet. A long, long time ago, in a land far away...

8th grade, wood shop, band saw. Kids playing. Me sawing. Got bumped. Wrist hit the saw blade. Fortunately the watch band hit the blade and not my skin. Kids were out of school for a week, and out of shop for the rest of the yer.

Teacher was a wreck, cause he saw it happen, and was sure it had sliced my hand off. Those wood band saw blades will go through you like nothing is in the way.

I'm happy! b-)
Wow, that's lucky. I never used the bandsaw when I was at school for that reason - too many idiots in the class. One guy almost cut his finger off. I don't even know if they let high schoolers use bandsaws anymore.
I would have to say, though, that your case was the exception rather than the rule ;-)
And the irony is that if you lose your hand, you'll probably lose the watch anyway 'cos there's nothing to stop it falling off your wrist!
Except for the tourniquet :-d
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