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Zulu straps how secure are they

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Ive been thinking about doing some mods to a watch or two and was curious how secure are Zulu straps. They dont look to secure at all and Id rather not lose a nice watch if I can help it. Growing up with Casio watch bands I know my watch isnt going anyplace soon.
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A Frogman does NOT deserve to be put on a Zulu or NATO. The expressional design f the Frogman is created not only by the bezel but also by the asymmetric strap.
There are several ways to secure a Zulu/ NATO. Either way there are no ends hanging loose or getting in the way. Diver use NATOs for fastening watches and other equipment over a wetsuit. Normally straps are too short for this matter.

As on the topic:Zulus and NATOs are said to be the most secure way to fit a watch- no wonder issued mil-watches have this kind of strap. After all NATO and Zulu already refer to military ;)
Question is: will you ever get into such a situation that you could loose your watch?

ALL Diver's watches from Citizen and Seiko come either in rubber or metal bracelet versions. If the failing of springbars would be a matter they surely would offer such option- since they are the leading sellers in this section!

"You get out of water and all is dry - except for the textile strap.."
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one thing to note thou...
how secure it is on g-shocks pretty much depends on the tiny thin springbar [...]so i think your g-shocks are still going to be ripped out like normal resin bands just that all you have left is the Zulu and adaptors will be whats that's left.
Good aspect and it goes further: most G-Shock models have a plastic casing. I wouldnt be surprised if the holes attaching the springbars to the case would get ripped out.
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