Ulysse Nardin has formed a partnership with Belgian free diver and photographer Fred Buyle. Underwater explorer Buyle has spent most of the last three decades beneath the surface of the seas capturing images in the depths with just a camera, available light and one breath of air.

Fred Buyle is using his underwater photography to change the way we see the seas from the icebergs of Antarctica to an orca whales’ point of view, from swimming with sharks, to looking up from 60m below the surface at the sun shining through the water.

Free Diver and Photographer Fred Buyle

Buyle captures little-seen animals of the deep on film, tagging them for biologists in the process. Able to reach 60m on one lungful of air with his camera, his images are taken with natural light and one breath of air. Belgian-born Buyle is specialized in capturing images of sharks in their natural habitats, without a protective cage, diving freely with iconic species such as hammerheads, tigers and even great white sharks.

To accompany Buyle, Ulysse Nardin has created the Diver Deep Dive, a robust, functional sports watch, water resistant to 1000 meters.



Powered by the in-house UN-320 caliber it has everything a serious diver needs: a helium escape valve, removable titanium guard, an expandable, adjustable rubber strap and a large bezel with 12-nothed teeth for easy manipulation, even with diving gloves.

Fifteen sharks adorn the dial and one more is stamped on the back – a reminder that man is only a visitor in the ocean’s depths; the seas belong first to the animals. Limited to 300 pieces, the watch will retail at CHF12,000.

“Three things have fascinated me since I was a small kid: bicycles, sailboats and mechanical watches. The three share one technical aspect, natural energy and a little bit of magic.” Fred Buyle


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