Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht

Built in the same spirit as a luxury mega yacht, the new Marine Mega Yacht watch from Ulysse Nardin is crafted in platinum and comes in a special edition of just 30 pieces. But you’ll need to own a mega yacht to afford it.

The watch is regulated by a flying tourbillon equipped with a cage modeled on the latest-generation ship’s propeller. The watch also boasts a 3D “grand feu” enamel dial, designed to be reminiscent of a ship’s bow plowing its way through the waves.

A precise representation of the Moon with an ultra-detailed surface sits across from a tide indicator, while an anchor attached to the windlass at 12 o’clock raises and falls to indicate the power reserve.

An extension of the Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon watch launched by Ulysse Nardin in 2016, this new complication model christened the ‘Marine Mega Yacht’ follows the tradition of the Marine collection and the constant nautical theme of the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture ever since its foundation in 1846.

While the earlier model celebrated the world of sailboats and luxury liners, this new Mega Yacht creation is dedicated to the owners of the luxurious state of the art vessels.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht
photo credit: Justin Mastine-Frost

With its diameter of 44 mm, this is an instrument reproduced in 3D. The bows of a luxury vessel seem to surface from a pool of white gold as though it were emerging from the mist and cuts through a sea of “grand feu” enamel on a wave of foam. To guarantee perfect timing, the watch is regulated by a flying tourbillon. The cage of the flying tourbillon is decorated with a propeller, its blades specially honed to guarantee the highest level of performance for latest-generation yachts.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht 2
photo credit: Justin Mastine-Frost

The watch runs on a movement with 504 components and is wound by hand. It guarantees a power reserve of 80 hours with the tourbillon moving at 60 rotations per hour (or one rotation every 60 seconds). Its first role is to provide an analog time display, giving a three-dimensional presentation of the phases of the Moon. It contains a mechanism that displays the height of the tides in real time in relation to a specific location, in addition to indicating the seasonal coefficients. The anchor features a contemporary design fashioned in the form of a plowshare and is linked to the chain by an anchor ring. Although this may appear to be entirely decorative, the anchor chain actually moves in response to the movements of the winding-crown so as to indicate the power reserve.

The watch also features a display of the phases of the Moon with the aid of a precise 3D reduced-size representation of Earth’s satellite. In order to make a special impact, the surface is reminiscent of the Moon’s surface, reproduced using an ultra-precise engraving. It is made up of two half-spheres: one treated in blue PVD (for the period of the new moon) and the other rhodiumized (to simulate the illuminating effect of the Sun).

A telegraph window opened in the side of the watch-band indicates its position (S: Set position for setting the hands/TM: Tide and Moon position/W: position for winding the movement). In the intermediate position, the Moon phase and tide volume indication is regulated by turning the crown counter-clockwise (one turn of the crown represents four days), while in the clockwise direction the operator regulates the level of the tide depending on his location (one turn of the crown represents a 0.25 turn of the disk, equivalent to 9.5 hours).

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