Founded in 2014 by watchmaker Michael Young, AKA “The Bracelet Magician,” UNDONE Watches was created with the intention of bringing fun, personalization, and made-to-order exclusivity to the world of luxury watches. So far, we’d say it’s been a hit. Past collaborations have included the space-themed UNDONE x Peanuts Lunar Mission, a chronograph with the iconic Moomin characters, and a limited-edition Ultraman series. All this alongside the company’s acclaimed, vintage-inspired offerings, timepieces made with aesthetic nods toward history’s most legendary chronographs, divers, and dress watches.

UNDONE x Monopoly: MONEYMAN by Stephen Bliss, the company’s latest collaboration, puts a cheeky spin on the world’s most iconic board game. Bliss is an artist, designer and illustrator whose work you’ll immediately recognize: his art has graced the cover of every Grand Theft Auto series since 2001, while his unique style has been featured by MTV, Burton Snowboards, Pepsi, the band Massive Attack, and on posters for the film Atomic Blonde. Now, he’s joined UNDONE for a collab that both honors, and satirizes, the cutthroat hyper-capitalist world of Monopoly, depicting the top-hatted Rich Uncle Pennybags – AKA Mr. Monopoly – as the gangster he truly is. The result is two distinct, limited edition watches launching November 28th: The Benjamin and The Godfather.

The Benjamin

The Benjamin features a warm vintage cream color and a steel bezel, in a design inspired by the iconic hues of a Monopoly C-note. See that number on the dial above Bliss’ signature? That’s the original Monopoly patent number – “No. 2,026,082” registered by the Parker Brothers back in December 1935 – cleverly disguised as a Federal Reserve serial number. Meanwhile, both Mr. Monopoly and that stylized Monopoly “M” light up under UV light, mimicking the anti-counterfeiting measures on modern banknotes. It’s all complimented by Genuine Brown Calf straps featuring UNDONE’s signature quick-release technology.

The Godfather

The Godfather is a noir take on the chronograph featuring gold subdials and purple accents; here, Pennybags keeps a low profile. Featuring all the subtleties you’d expect to see on a classy dress watch, the Black Cordura quick-release strap and blend of brush and polished finishing give the Godfather a sophisticated, high-society feel with going over-the-top on the gold. Notice those stacks of banknotes Mr. Monopoly’s flashing below the subdials – they’re only visible from specific angles, letting you lie low when you need to, and stand out when you want to.

Both the Benjamin and the Godfather come in a premium “Luxury Tax” tin case, complete with a commemorative golden $1M Monopoly bill featuring Rich Uncle Pennybags. Both come with a caseback engraved with one of five unique parodies of those classic “Chance/Community Chest” cards – all designed by Bliss and distributed at random (just like the experience of drawing the cards that inspired them). And powering both 42.5mm watches is the Seiko SII VK64 mecha-quartz movement.

There’s one more thing both the Benjamin and the Godfather have in common: both watches are limited to only 500 pieces, priced at $480 USD each. So you’d better grab yours fast – if you miss out, you won’t go directly to jail, but you will be left on the outside looking in.

Don’t pass Go without checking out the UNDONE x Monopoly collab!