UNDONE Founder Michael Young is still known as the Rolex bracelet magician. He is one of the few experts around who can expertly restore a faded or broken Rolex bracelet by meticulously removing each link and then rebuilding and reassembling it link by link back into one brand new piece. He is also the founder of UNDONE, the world’s leading custom watch label founded by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans.


Basecamp Classic - Lifestyle

This November, UNDONE celebrates its 5th anniversary and there will be news of important anniversary offers to come soon.

If Rolex bracelet restoration remains the traditional part of Young’s offering to the watch world, UNDONE has become the contemporary, quirky and unconventional new kid on the block.

With UNDONE, Young wanted to radically transform the world of so-called traditional ‘luxury’ where the choice is all strictly brand-led, to offer a completely customized and personal product in the shape of a cool vintage-inspired watch base. And with his many years working extremely up close with a wide variety of high-end vintage watches, few people understand the term ‘vintage watch styling’ better than Young.

It all began in 2014 with the introduction of the UNDONE online customizer, but five years on, the UNDONE customizer offers a more seamless and instant realization online of exactly what your watch will look like, step by step from the hands, to the dial color, to the bezel, to the strap, to the caseback, to your own initials or personal dedication.

Every step of the process is your own decision from a wide variety of carefully-curated choices as well as an increased choice in preset combinations to guide you to the perfect watch.


Basecamp Classic - Classic (1)

New bidirectional bezel upgraded to K1 crystal

Earlier this year, UNDONE introduced an exciting new piece called Basecamp, the 40mm customizable high-performance tool watch, and it’s quickly proven to be a huge hit. It’s the first UNDONE brand to undergo a quality upgrade.

Basecamp Classic - Blue Bezel Blue Gradient Dial

New blue gradient dial in speckled finish

Basecamp incorporates a nod to many of Michael Young’s favorite vintage watches with style references including the orange, highly visible hour-hand, which proudly pays tribute to Rolex and the iconic Explorer II. And the sterile dial bezel, inspired by the famous Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.

Basecamp Classic - Blackout

New to Basecamp:

  • The Basecamp sterile bezel has had a refit from plexiglass to superior K1 crystal

  • New graduated bidirectional bezels available in blue, green and black

  • New blue gradient dial in speckled finish

  • Water-resistance increased from 50 meters to 100 meters

All these improvements and modifications have been made because Young believes that luxury should be all about personal choice, and about listening carefully to customer feedback. If you are yet to customize your own UNDONE watch creation, try the UNDONE customizer today.



Basecamp Cali dial in Ebony Black


Basecamp Cali dial in Olive Green

In addition to the sleek new look of the regular Basecamp Classic model, you can also opt for the brand new Basecamp Cali. A ‘Cali’ is short for California Dial. The definition of a ‘California Dial’ is simple. It’s a watch dial that consists of half Roman and half Arabic numerals.

Rolex is perhaps the most famous brand to make this kind of dial and they started to introduce them as early as 1934. There are various theories as to why this type of watch is known as a California dial but no one really has a definitive answer. What is known is that Officine Panerai ordered California dial watches from Rolex during World Ward II for the Italian Navy. They were known as Ref: 3646.

These watches were used to aid WWII divers in referencing the time and 12 o’clock position without fail, coining the original name-‘the error-proof’ dial. At almost a century old, the quirky design is still distinguishable by the unchanged half Arabic-half Roman numerical layout. Quartered by horizontal markers and a triangle; laid on thick for ease of application and higher legibility. UNDONE will introduce this delightful vintage twist to Basecamp starting October 15th!

Both Basecamp Classic and Cali are housed in a 316L stainless steel case; circular brushed on top and polished along the sides and chamfers. The watch is powered by the Seiko NH35a automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve when fully wound via the crown. The default configuration will ship with the classic Mercedes hour and sword minutes handset and, being an UNDONE watch, users will be able to customize their piece to suit individual tastes.

Prices for the new Basecamp models will start at US$315.

Customize your Basecamp watch now!