Now, this is what you want. The ultimate wear it and forget it watch from Timex. The Timex Easy Reader 35mm. Reliable, unpretentious, incredibly easy to read, comfortable to wear and with a day date complication.

Not only that, it comes on a wonderful old school stretchy bracelet of the sort that was popular in the 60s and early 70s. This type of expansion band bracelet was introduced by Speidel and marketed as Twist-O-Flex’. You just slip it over your hand and it instantly grips your wrist. You’re not going to score fashion points with a Twist-O-Flex bracelet but you will definitely appreciate the comfort and convenience of it.

The watch is not trying to make a fashion statement of any kind, it is merely succeeding in doing what it was made to do which is to tell the time. And other than give you the day and date that’s all it does. The numerals are large, black and unambiguous, field watch style. Railway track indices surround the clean white dial, and for ease of identification, the second hand is in red.

Timex Easy Reader 35mm

The watch is powered by, what else other than quartz.  It’s easy to read not only by day but at night thanks to Indiglo.

This reliable time teller will keep going and going. Reports of old boys wearing them 15 years or more are a common occurrence.

Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to its unrelenting excellence:

I’ve worn most of the big Swiss brands costing thousands of dollars, but I always end up going back to my Easy Reader. Now, I’m not saying it has a unique in- house mechanical movement, hand finished case, or details that need to be appreciated under a loupe, but for what a watch is supposed to do it’s perfect. No matter how much money I’ve spent on watches I’ve never been able to find the right combination of comfort, sturdiness, accuracy, and legibility that the Easy Reader has.

Luckily, they still make watches like this.

How much?



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