Whitby Watch Co. is a homegrown Whitby, Ontario-based brand which creates highly customized watches honoring the journeys and achievements of Canadians across the globe and throughout history.

The Intrepid is a dive watch designed in Canada and engineered by Swiss and German-trained watchmakers. The idea behind each watch the brand creates is not merely to sell a watch, but to tell a true and remarkable story behind some of Canada’s greatest trials, triumphs, and tribulations.

In short, Whitby Watch Co. is a teller of time with a commitment to horological heritage, to history and to Canadian heroism.

Sir William Stephenson, The Man Called ‘Intrepid’

Many of the wartime exploits of Canadian Sir William Stephenson are still shrouded in secrecy and buried within Ministry of Defence vaults in London. There are still disputes about who he met and what he may or may not have said to whom, but what is undeniable is that he formed the basis of modern-day spycraft with the setting up of Camp X in Whitby, Ontario, a special military facility for spy training during World War II.

Like Churchill himself, Stephenson was the right man in the right place at the right time. As a wealthy and successful businessman with contacts throughout Europe, as early as 1936 Stephenson was passing first-hand information to Sir Winston Churchill about the rise of Nazi power in Germany and the fast buildup of its formidable war machine. His vital briefings made Churchill Britain’s best-informed politician about Germany’s hostile intentions.

During WWII, Stephenson trained Camp X graduates who went on to work as “secret agents, security personnel, intelligence officers, or psychological warfare experts, serving in clandestine operations.” Camp X was also known as Special Training School 103 (hence why there are only 103 pieces of the Limited Edition ‘Intrepid’ diver on offer).

Many Camp X trained spies were later captured, tortured, and executed; survivors received no individual recognition for their efforts. Stephenson himself never took a salary during the war and funded much of the running expenses of Camp X himself. Such was the trust Churchill placed in him, he was one of only a small handful of individuals with permission to read transcripts decoded from the Enigma machine at Bletchley.

James Bond author Ian Fleming, who had links to Stephenson during World War II, created 007 based on  Stephenson’s exploits and once wrote, “James Bond is a highly romanticized version of a true spy. The real thing is … William Stephenson.”

That’s but a brief overview of the ‘Quiet Canadian’ Sir William Stephenson, who spent years training agents at Camp X Special Training School 103, which was based in the hometown of Whitby Watch Co. He is the namesake and the inspiration for the ‘Intrepid’ Diver’s watch.

The Intrepid Diver

Whitby Watch Co. ‘Intrepid’ Diver in Blue, Red, and Black

As for the watch itself, the Intrepid Diver is a 44mm Special Limited-Edition 316L stainless steel dive watch. It honors Sir William Stephenson, “The Man Called Intrepid” for his efforts at Whitby’s Camp X, a special military facility for spy training during WWII. Each Watch is Numbered and Limited to just 103 pieces, a nod to Camp X’s “Special Training School 103” designation.


The watch comes in three colors, Blue, Red, and Black, and runs on the reliable ETA 2824-2 movement. Designed in Canada and made and assembled in Germany, the Intrepid Diver is water-resistant to 200 meters.

With a glare-proof sapphire crystal, the watch features a 120-click rotating bezel and a date window at 3 o’clock. In addition to the stainless-steel bracelet, the watch also comes with a silicon strap and a Camp X Commemorative collectors coin.




The case back features an engraved Compass Rose, the preeminent symbol used by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch, as well as other intelligence agencies that were shaped by the work of Sir William Stephenson, such as the CIA and NATO. There is also the individual issue number of the Diver.


The watch arrives packaged in a durable Nanuk waterproof carry case

The launch price of just US$525 is for a limited time only.