Watch blog Worn & Wound began their Wind-Up Watch Fairs back in 2015. The idea behind each fair is to offer value-driven watches from independent watch brands around the world.

The formula has taken off, and today Wind-Ups are the most well attended watch related events in the US. Now Worn & Wound will open the doors to their Wind-Up watch fair for the first time on the West Coast in San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery from May 18th for 3 days.

The Worn & Wound Wind-Up is FREE and open to the public. It’s a three-day watch culture event featuring a range of curated watch brands and accessories. Coming from New York City after its successful third year, it offers an exciting environment, encouraging everyone from seasoned fans, to curious passersby to come in, take a look and talk watches.

The Lead Sponsor is none other than Oris, who have supported Wind-Up since the beginning. We’re sure they’ll have some fantastic new watches to display as always.  Wind-Up veterans also include Autodromo and Tockr, and industry pioneers Junghans.

“Building on the incredible success of our original New York event, we wanted to bring Wind-Up to the watch enthusiasts on the West Coast. Until now, there’s been no large-scale watch event in California. We’re excited to be the first.”

Zach Weiss, co-founder of Worn & Wound and Wind-Up


Worn & Wound’s Wind-Up third event in New York City on October 2017 welcomed over 15,000 guests in only three days, maintaining Wind-Up’s position as the most popular customer facing watch event in the United States.

The San Francisco fair will feature 27 watch and accessory brands including a wide range of independent start-ups, American-based watchmakers and well regarded Swiss industry leaders. Designs, ranging from classic to out of the box and innovative, are inspired by day-to-day passions.


“Since launching Wind-Up in 2015, there has been an overwhelming demand from Worn & Wound readers and watch brands alike for more events in markets outside of New York City”

Blake Malin, co-founder of Worn & Wound

 Spot the Scott! Our very own videographer and photographer Scott Sitkiewitz at the New York Wind-Up last year

Participating Wind-Up brands include:

Autodromo (Feature Sponsor) – producing watches inspired vintage automobiles, Autodromo is the exclusive watch partner of Ford Motor Company for the 2018 Ford GT.

Bespoke Watch Projects – assembling each watch according to the specifications of its owner and creating one of a kind pieces.

Everest Bands – offering a multitude of high-end straps specifically designed for modern Rolex timepieces.

 Itay Noy – Based in Tel Aviv, Itay Noy is an award winning independent watchmaker mixing clever designs with mechanical expertise.

 Junghans (Feature Sponsor) – a leading manufacturer of German wristwatches, with several iconic lines currently in production, including the Max Bill, Meister, and Meister Pilot lines.

 Oris (Lead Sponsor) Over 100 years old and still an independent, Oris is a staple in Swiss-made watches. With a focus on value, original designs and clever mechanics, Oris has a watch that will suit just about every collector.

 Tockr (Feature Sponsor) – Based in Austin, TX but manufactured in Switzerland, Tockr is a new-comer with a series of watches based on C-47 radial engines. Their mix of complex, high finish dials and robust sporty cases gives them a unique appeal.

Wind-Up San Francisco

When: May 18 2018 for 3 days

Where: Chandran Gallery San Francisco