Zodiac Astrographic 1969 Reissue

The Zodiac Astrographic is one of the more interesting and unique watches ever launched by the brand, featuring floating indices for hours, minutes, and seconds placed on clear discs above its dial. Though it’s a piece that has been in the brand’s collection for a little while now (the last available version of the discontinued model can be found here), this time around the brand has opted to stay true to the model they had first launched in 1969 in celebration of the piece’s 50th anniversary. This means two key things—more modest case proportions, and more vintage-feeling aesthetics and finishing.

Zodiac Astrographic 1969 Reissue White

Available in a brushed stainless steel case with blue dial and cream minute track, as well as a PVD gold version with a gold dial, we’re happy to report that both versions come in equally priced at $1,295. They are also using a Fossil Group STP automatic caliber (likely the 11-1, though not disclosed at this time), similarly to what was in the previous iteration.

The biggest difference here is the fit and feel between past and present models. Where the previous Astrographic was a serious hunk of steel on the wrist, to the same size and scale as an Omega Flightmaster from decades ago. The current version comes in at a much more svelte 40mm x 43mm, meaning its less of a bold statement pieces, and more of something that will draw questions and curiosity should it peek out from under a shirt cuff.

It’s hard to gauge scale from supplied product shots alone, but as a point of reference, the lug width of the bracelet on the new Astrographic is 18mm across, so these are really going to be quite svelte on the wrist—not a bad thing in my books.

Zodiac Astrographic Reissue caseback

For this initial launch, each model is going to be limited to 182 pieces worldwide, and as of yesterday both models are available directly through Zodiacwatches.com. Rather than fitting them with an exhibition caseback, both models feature a steel back with astrological signs surrounding the Zodiac logo.

Much in the same way that I appreciated the design execution of the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression I reviewed recently, I’m impressed to see the return of a unique model like this one into the model range. There was some concern after a recent switch-over at HQ that the brand was going to start pushing back towards quartz-powered models, however a release like this proves (at least to me) that there’s still an enthusiast or three toiling away at Zodiac HQ.

Astrographic Blue

The way Zodiac has been flushing out their product lines lately, we wouldn’t be too surprised if further colorways started arriving sometime between now and Baselworld 2020.

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Zodiac Astrographic Gold

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